Monday, July 31, 2006

My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me (Disraeli)

For the third week Israel has continued to bomb southern Lebanon to oblivion. The score you ask?(according to BBC News) 750 to 51 (18 of those being civillans). So who is suffering and living in fear. Certainly not the Israelis.

Not that I side with Hezbollah or anything, but this situation has gone from worse to utterly ridiculous. Innocent civillians, especially children, are being forced to suffer the carnage of war because the government and people of Israel feel that they should while they root out "terrorists".

However, a 48 hour hold on firing is not a "humanitarian gesture" as Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz calls it.

The town of Qana according to news reports is a complete ghost town at the moment. Qana previously experienced a significant state of dismay back in 1996 when over a hundred people were killed while hiding out in UN base. "Operation Grapes of Wrath" was very similar in nature to the current one. According to UN reports of the incident, Hezbollah fighters had fired missiles from in front of the base, and Israel responded not knowing that over a hundred people were inside the base. This not knowing of what exactly they are targeting is becoming an overburdening problem for Israel. Why don't people learn from the past?

An Associated Press story was just filed at 1:37pm today that indicated the Israel has continued airstrikes in light of the agreement for a 48 hour hold. Apparently there was a condition that Israel would strike in case of "imminent danger".

So apparently imminent danger means attacking a truck that is carrying huminatarian relief supplies!? As well as a truck that is carrying a Lebanese army offical and soliders? To Israel's credit however, they thought the aid truck was carrying missiles across from Syria while the other car had a senior Hezbollah offical in it.

Give me a break. Israel has apparently been misfiring all over the place according to their army officals. I wonder why. From all the reports and news briefs I've managed to scour, I've convinced that Israel has no fucking idea as to what they are doing, absolutely none and are firing whereever there pick. Are they playing some game of pin the missle on Lebanon here?

Later, Olmert continued to defy international pressure for a cease-fire, saying
that fighting would end only when Israel recovers the two soldiers Hezbollah
guerrillas captured in the cross-border raid that sparked the current
''We are determined to succeed in this struggle,'' Olmert said. ''We
will not give up on our goal to live a life free of terror.''

However while Olmert attempts to live a life free of terror, people in Lebanon don't have food and have been hiding out in their homes for the past twenty days.

''We had no food, no water. Everyday we had only one candy each, one candy
that is all,'' he said, grabbing his loose trousers, held together with a pin,
to show the weight he had lost. ''How much you eat in one day is how much we
have eaten in 20 days.''

According to the Red Cross News, relief workers have been unable to get through to towns in need of aid in the southern portion of the country due to continued bombing and fighting. The United Nations and the World Food Program are currently in preparation to send aid to Qana and Tyre, while attempting to overcome security problems in other towns.

Oh, and another reason why England is still our bitch.

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